Artist Statement

The Photocubism Series consists of multiple photographs arranged in grids. Each work gathers together images from everyday life, including nature, cities, and interiors. The images focus on isolated aspects of reality, such drops of water or a single leaf. Joined together, the individual photographs show life seen from multiple perspectives — a new contemplative vision, revealing unexpected layers of meaning.

Photocubism 1 explores how objects in the natural world affect the artist. The series consists of 18 works, each in an edition of 36. It was inspired by Analytic Cubism, and uses different time frames, points of view, and multiple angles to view the same subject. This approach allows for greater detail and a better understanding of the theme explored.

Photocubism 2 is concerned with how the artist´s inner self has an affect on the outside world and how she perceives it. This series consists of 15 works, each in an edition of nine. By the placement of the images on a grid, the artist connect forms and spaces on the two-dimensional plane, creating new composite images.

The process of creating a work involves taking hundreds of photographs. The artist does not digitally alter her photographs, and they are only printed as shot in conventional sizes such as 4" x 6", 5" x 7", or 8" x 10". It is critical that each photograph be successful as an independent image before it is added to the mix to create the desired effect. The artist manipulates a photograph´s meaning only by its relative placement in a group. After each group of photographs is arranged in the grid, its deeper significance becomes apparent.

The finished work becomes a puzzle of things and places the artist comes across in her life; each piece is like a movie in its own right, containing its own story, its own little universe.